There were many vicissitudes through which this                                                                                                                                                     historic building, located on Calle Escamado, which                                                                                                                                                           during the 17th and 18th centuries  served as the                                                                                                            administrative and judicial headquarters of the corregidores                 

arriving in Almuñécar, has passed in recent years.                


Now with its few months of opening the gentlemen and the ladies of the locality venture to enter and explain of their living voice what there was in the building. (Ugly detail, this narrator who has not composed their names in this text, although as they come back we will improve). Then some enter, and say:

"Is this the school of Doña Concha? I was studying here in the classrooms that went from end to end of the building, in those beautiful old desks ... And Doña Concha was a lady but! LADY in capital letters !, always elegant and educated as corresponds to a teacher. "

And it is with that story that we all get nostalgic, wanting to return to that time and take a vocation as a teacher. How nice...

Another kind gentleman enters us through the door and tells us that a family member owned a grocery store on the ground floor, where the patio is now. And the odd detail more ...


And we started: since the story begins around 1700 or rather part of the seventeenth century at the time of the reign of Granada in the hands of the Catholic Monarchs, in which this building was used during that century by the administrative representatives of Granada, to Put peace and order in sexitan lands. It is from that time where the name of the Palacete del Corregidor comes from.


Later, it became a neighbors' yard, which conserved its structure and is what Ángel Ganivet says: "It is the poor who will keep the rich."


And undoubtedly we came to 1900, XX century where there was in this place the school of Doña Concha ...

At the beginning of the present century, the rehabilitation of the building was put into operation, until the final result of a three-star hotel with a traditional Andalusian style. In fact, the names of the ten rooms that account for localities of the autonomous community.

In addition to the reception and the patio, the ground floor has a spa and hydrothermal center, while the first and second floors house five rooms, each with only two beds each, although they are very spacious. On the semi-covered terrace is the cafeteria, which has an enclosed space with large windows and another open with splendid views of the old town, including the City Hall and the Church of the Incarnation and as could not be missed in Almuñecar, the Sea.

About Palacete del Corregidor

"That between the things that more agree to the good Corregidor is that it has quiet and pacific its province and clean and expurgada of vices, that are the disease of her." Ulpiano


The Beauty of a small palace next to the sea

Charming hotel with 10 exclusive rooms with Spa and Restaurant


Hotel*** Ciudad: NºRTA H/GR/01448

Escamado 5-7 Street

Almuñecar 18690 (Granada)


Telf. 958 881 283


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